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Brothels in Seoul that masquerade as massage parlours are as common as in places like Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

In this guide, we take a look at erotic massage in Seoul (or anma) and let you know what to expect, what to pay and where to go if you are a sex tourist.

You have to ensure that you visit the right places to make sure you don’t embarrass yourself or your attendant.

Kinky lady I dont l ike it all sexylegs firm tits perfect english francais espanol italiano portugues brasiliero etc.

Hooker Hill is a good place to start but you can read our full guide to the red-light areas of South Korea here.

Whether you get served or not, take our advice and don’t cause any kind or trouble.

Fancy an erotic massage and maybe more when you are next visiting South Korea?

As prostitution is illegal in South Korea, the sex industry in Seoul is as creative as other Asian (and Western) capitals when it comes to creating legitimate shop fronts for illicit activities.


Many places have bouncers and some are linked to the South Korean mafia so it’s advisable to keep your nose clean.

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