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Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Larry Brown also dismissed 15 pimping conspiracy and other charges against’s operators.

He ruled that those charges relate to their publishing of sex-related advertisements and cannot be filed because of a federal law protecting free speech that grants immunity to websites that post content created by others.

Private investigator Simon Smith, who was hired by Mr Prescott, said the information he gathered would go a long way to helping Australian and international police to identify the scammers."All you need to do once you have an IP address and time is contact the relevant internet service provider in whatever country it is and, with a law authority, basically ask them, 'Who is the owner of this IP address?

'" he said."And if you are a law enforcement officer, or even through a court, you can subpoena this information, then there's going to be a trail."7.30 has spoken to another woman who hired a US-based professional hacker to track down scammers that cheated her out of almost 0,000 through an online dating service.

Defense attorney Cristina Claypoole Arguedas labeled the remaining charges “technical financial crimes” and predicted they would be dismissed later. The site and its operators also face civil lawsuits in several states filed on behalf of victims, many of whom allege they were under age 18 when they were sold for sex using the site’s classified ads. Her successor, Xavier Becerra, amended the charges after he took office.

Supervising Deputy Attorney General Maggy Krell prosecutors look forward to proving their case and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra in a statement said the ruling brings prosecutors closer to convicting “those who would prey on vulnerable young women and men.” The company has claimed it merely publishes advertising created by third parties and is not responsible for the content. The original charges were filed when Kamala Harris was attorney general, before she took her seat in the U. Arizona residents Lacey and Larkin, both age 68, once owned a chain of alternative newspapers, including the Village Voice in New York City. Senate subcommittee said that far from merely publishing advertisements created by others, Backpage edited up to 80 percent of the adult ads to conceal that they are for sexual transactions.

The issue of what responsibility social networks, including Facebook, bear for enabling scammers is one that troubles many victims.

He thinks that the large sites have programs in place that thwart scams pre-emptively and thus reduce the risk to users.Nigerian scams Nigerian scams involve offering you a share in a large sum of money on the condition you help them to transfer it out of their country.The Bluefield on the West Virginia side of the border, the site of a Norfolk Southern rail yard, is the bigger and more decrepit of the twin towns.He pleaded guilty to all eight counts of the indictment on March 2,dating scams money laundering two days of trial.The newly homeless Elrod got a friend to drive her to Bluefield, West Virginia, a coal-boom relic filled with deserted industrial plants and derelict homes in danger of being reclaimed by the forest.

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She said she hired the hacker after getting no response from ACORN.