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Who is johnny knoxville dating

) One of the difficult things about Johnny Knoxville, though, is that he's intelligent and self–aware and pretty attuned to celebrity–story affectations, so he doesn't play along and let you come up with some dumb–ass little box to stick his life inside.When I ask him if it's weird to be famous for being himself—because he can't just say he was playing some character on TV; he actually " He unloads his shotgun cackle."You can't imagine how well that really lame insult works," he says, and then starts recalling times he's been goaded into doing dumb things by the dreaded skirt gibe."It's He was a fan of the TV series as a kid, but as he says, "I just wanted to make sure they weren't trying to make some hokey middle–of–the road comedy.And you'll look at this classed–up, actorly Johnny Knoxville and think of it as one of the great public–figure transitions of your time—like how Hanks went from And it's only a slight overstatement to say if that transition is ever going to actually happen, it's going to happen now.Because now is a big moment in the career of Johnny Knoxville.He'll tell you his acting heroes are guys like Sean Penn and Johnny Depp—cred–first actors who've had as many noble misses as box–office hits—but you can tell he's itching for some mainstream success.Still, he's quick to admit that he's got some growing to do as an actor.

When I meet Knoxville in New York, we have lunch and then decide to go get a drink.Here's how he describes Knoxville's appeal "Like when Nicholson really hit it in the '70s—I think John's that kind of guy. He's undeniably charming, the kind of actor that guys want to hang out with and girls want to fuck." Yes, you're right, that last part is the old line they used to use about Sinatra, but would you complain if they used it about you on VH12 and there he'll be, crawling around the dais between Nicky Hilton and Freddy Adu in a pair of dirty Chucks and chopped–up Dickies, slurping beer out of Sarah Michelle Gellar–Prinze–Osment's mug, and it will feel slightly depressing.Or maybe you'll turn on the TV twenty–five years from now—or, hell, five years from now—and Johnny Knoxville will be there in a finely tailored suit and sensible leather shoes, and you'll have to explain to your kids that there was a time when he never would have dressed like that (except for, um, a magazine shoot) and that way back when, he was the star of this cuckoo TV show called in which he hand–inseminated cows and got kicked in the nuts by schoolchildren."If anyone gives you any problems, tell them I gave it to you, and they can come talk to me." She smiles, takes the beer, and skips away. Over the years, Knoxville has grappled with female fans who've expressed their love by scorching him with cigarette butts and male admirers who've wanted to pummel his ass because, well, doesn't Johnny Knoxville And therein lies the dilemma for the post_Jackass_Knoxville.The show indelibly marked him as a masochistic clown, and no matter what he does on–screen, we'll always love him for that first.

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" ‘ Yee–haw' here, ‘yee–haw' there, jump over that, hit that guy." also represents the featurefilm debut of Jessica Simpson, who plays the cutoffswearing manbait Daisy Duke.