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At the time, most of the paintings below weren't finished yet or titled.

Instead, a short description by Manson was provided.

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As we reported, Marilyn Manson and Justin Bieber seemed to reconcile after their t-shirt drama when the shock rocker told Howard Stern the Biebs apologized after reportedly telling Manson he made him "relevant again." Well, it appears their feud is still on!

In a recent interview with Channel 4 News, the shock rocker was asked to comment on the sexual misconduct scandal rocking Hollywood.

In case you forgot, the musician was formerly engaged to vocal Harvey Weinstein accuser Rose Mc Gowan.

That's not to disrespect those people that are saying the allegations.

It pisses me off when someone says, ‘I got an inappropriate gift' or something, that's not the same as being harmed."' Ultimately, Manson thinks all the finger-pointing will produce a "snowball effect" that "could really ruin a lot of people's lives that don't need to be ruined." These quotes will, undoubtedly, ruffle a few feathers! Video: Marilyn Points Fake Rifle At San Bernardino Concert Crowd Things get crazier when a third doll-faced woman unmasks herself to reveal she's the shock rocker himself, and the four indulge in some sinful activity in room 6.

The band are set to release their latest and tenth album, Heaven Upside Down, in 2017.

Marilyn Manson returns with UK shows in December in support of Heaven Upside Down, despite his unfortunate accident on tour o0f the US, where his leg was broken in two places after being crushed by a stage prop US fans, fear not - he's rescheduled the rest of his tour to 2018, and all other dates remain unaffected.

Since then his representation has gone into attack mode, claiming Corey is innocent and being targeted by former band members upset over a canceled tour.

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